We Miss You Nona!

Nona engagment photoNancy Jeanne Riviello, née Decker, was amplified by her voice. While small in stature, her presence in song soared to fill any space; while lightly built, she carried conversations tirelessly. Years ago, her decline robbed the maestra of her instrument – as if a normal life’s supply of notes and words was still not enough to supply her. Therefore, when she finally took her bow on February 18, 2014, it was in silence. In the echo of her eighty-year serenade, the many parts she sang can still be heard.

Her heart sang as she vowed to love and honor her Carmen Frank Riviello until the end. Through 57 anniversaries, their bond endured through the ages, until sundered by his passing in 2011.

As a new mother, she cooed and sang to her firstborn, Carmen Jr., in Pennsylvania. In California, she intoned and murmured at the arrival of her first daughter, Pontia. To her last child, Corrine, she trilled to the ukuleles of Hawaii, where Nancy would return with her Carmen as often as they could throughout her life. The tunes she shared with her children would be shared in turn with the spouses they would take: Kathleen, Beverley, and Russell.

The echo of her lullabies and the scent of her ginger crinkles and chocolate chip cookies remains strong with her seven grandchildren — Russell, Christine, Clare, Thomas, Sean, Rochelle, and Shana — to whom she was simply Nona.

The gentle service and many songs of her active retirement as a domestic missionary ring sharply still in the hearts of those she touched, from Hays Hills Baptist Church in Buda, Texas to New Smyrna Beach in Florida to the Plains Baptist Assembly of Floydada, Texas to the First Baptist Church of Schertz, Texas.

The work she did resonates more distantly in a panoply of roles at Woolworth and Capitol Records in Scranton, as well as a children’s radio show host in El Paso and a dental assistant in Austin before coming to Motorola as part of the team responsible for the 68030 and 68040 microprocessors which powered many Macintosh computers.

To her father, Harry Decker, she was his last-born child; to her mother, Ethel, she was both daughter and student – teaching her piano and sending her to voice conservatory, thus passing her love of music to Nancy. The graceful notes which Nancy has left will echo in us forever.

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The Grass is still Green

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July 29th at 10:30 in the morning we will be holding the Dedication for the Now and Forever Garden at Hays Hills Baptist Church.

If you can’t make it out to join us at 10:30 that’s okay. The garden will be open for the rest of the day for you to come and visit.

See you next Sunday.

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First Tree Planted

Coming soon to the Now and forever Garden, a Cedar of Lebanon.

After 8 months and 28 days we’ve finally planted a tree in the tree garden. All the preparation is starting to pay off. The first few plants are going into the ground. More are on there way. The front gate was installed this week, the curbing should be finished today. Fish have made their way into the pond.

This weekend we’ll be building a ramp up to the entryway and planting more plants, moving some dirt and picking up rocks to get ready for the grass that we’ll be putting in on the 30th.

More great news: The memorial Bench will be arriving this week.

Look for date of the dedication soon.

-Sean Taylor

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It’s coming together

Soon this bench will be sitting along the pathway looking into the pond. Special thanks to Russell and Corrine Taylor for funding this memorial bench.

Things are coming together. The irrigation is in the ground. We have Water and Electricity. The lights look amazing. The gate has been cut and will be mounted shortly. The concrete borders are going down this week thanks to Curbformers. The pump and filter for the pond are hooked up and ready.

And I’m ready to start filling the pond.Hopefully this weekend we will have water in the pond.

Just a few more steps.

I can’t wait.

-Sean Taylor


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Help Complete the Garden.

Many people have asked how they could help with the garden. During the entire project I have been personally funding the garden both financially and physically. On occasion someone will join me spreading dirt, picking up rocks and other little things that need to be done.

We’re coming to the end of the project, only a few things need to be done. Flagstone on the pond, the front entryway, more dirt, water & electricity, irrigation, curbing, granite on the walkways, then Grass and trees.

I can’t wait for the day the trees go in.

If you want to help finish the garden, do what I’ve been doing, show how much your loved ones meant to you by making a donation in their memory.

Your donation allow you to have your loved ones memory placed in the Now and Forever Garden.

For a Donation of $20 a Memory Stone will be placed in the pond. This memory stone will be in the shape of a heart with “In Memory of …” handwritten on the front.


For a $50 donation a larger 6 inch Engraved Stone will be placed in the pond. This engraved stone will be in the polished smooth with “In Memory of …” laser engraved on the front.


If you decided to donate $300, I will personally embed a hot cast 3 by 7 inch Aluminum plaque in the concrete boarder which will encompass the pond and line the pathways. This plaque will display your loved ones name for all to see as they follow the path.

For those who donate $3000 or more I have commissioned 4 unique memorial bench to be made just for the Now and Forever Garden. The standard flimsy bench you see at parks would not do for this garden. We want benches that will be around for forever.

Anyone who desires to rest their legs may sit down with confidence. Confidence that no other bench can offer them. “Come, Sit with me.”

Only the solid hand carved trunk of a ancient pine will do. 6 feet wide and 30 inches thick, your loved ones name will be cut deep into the seat back, topped with 7 layers of marine varnish to seal it for eternity.

Please make all donation checks payable to Hays Hills Baptist Church at 1401 FM 1626, Buda TX 78610.

Click Here to download the Donation Form.

If you have any questions please give me a call at 512-565-4767 or send me an email at seantaylor27@gmail.com

-Sean Taylor

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The Stone is on the Pond

Click to Enlarge

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Looking Good!

Silvermist stone around the pond

So here’s an update. The Pond is nearing completion. The walls are in and the liner has been painted on. I ordered the stone this morning for around the pond. The base for the walkway around the pond is down. The Pump house is almost done, a few little things on the outside and the electrical wiring inside. The irrigation design has come in and should be in the ground in early May.

Things are starting to look good.

-Sean Taylor

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The Pond is taking shape.

Click the photo to enlarge.

I may be moving at the speed of a turtle but I know the finish is coming soon.

I spend the weekend moving concrete blocks into place to create the wall on the pond. It was a wonderful weekend to be outside and I’m happy to see the progress that was achieved. There’s still a few more blocks that need to be placed and then we’ll move on to finishing the inside to ready the pond for some water.


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JackHammers are fun.

I should of known that I was going to have an issue with the rocks in the garden. Being that I grew up just down the road and you can’t dig 2 inches in the dirt without hitting a rock. Never small rocks either. These rocks are the aftermath of ancient aquatic mountains, broken down to car sized boulders by time and erosion to become a headache for me as I try to sink t-posts for a perimeter fence.

But JackHammers are  fun.

The easiest way to get posts in the ground is by using a jackhammer to punch a t-post sized hole in the Earth. After that, life becomes easy again.

So thank you Charles Brady King, for spending your life inventing tools to make my life easier.

-Sean Taylor

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